Mint, Modulars and Mother Nature: The Top 3 Trends for 2020 Home Decor

Dated: October 11 2019

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Did spring cleaning not bring the fresh feeling to your home that you hoped for? It may be time to change up some of your interior design. Now that 2019 is nearly halfway over, it’s the perfect time to redecorate while staying ahead of the trends. That’s why we’ve prepared you a 2020 interior design cheat sheet with the top 3 design trends predicted by professionals from around the world. We’ve even made it easy to get started by including Denver stores to get your supplies from. Not only does it make for some fun shopping trips, but you can rest assured knowing your money went to supporting local businesses!

Trend 1: Neo Mint Paint

Pastel colors are for more than just the nursery these days. When used tastefully, they can easily brighten up a room (and your mood). According to trend forecasters, Neo Mint is the pastel to aim for to freshen things up a bit. It’s no surprise, really. The bright, clean feeling of the light green adds an undeniable airiness to the room. Neo Mint is also functional, as it pairs well with various color schemes that are also predicted to be popular in 2020 including pastel color blocking and grey accents.

Where to Buy Locally 

Make family-owned Denver paint shop Color Innovation the first stop in your search for the perfect neo mint paint and they’ll likely be your last. Bring in a swatch and enjoy the comfort of having an experienced team combined with the joys of a huge selection ensure you get just the right paint for your home.

Trend 2: Modular/Multi-Function Furniture

Lifestyles are changing, and home decor is a reflection of that. Minimalism will remain a go-to decorating method in 2020, and room layouts are changing to better suit the minimalist lifestyle. Formal dining rooms setups are disappearing altogether, making the living room serve multiple functions. Living rooms aren’t the only rooms predicted to become multi-purpose. More bedrooms are serving as home offices, dining rooms as activity rooms, the list goes on

The key to a multi-function room? Furniture that serves multiple purposes and/or saves you space. Luckily there are plenty of options so you can get creative. Keep it simple with something like a sofa bed (don’t worry, they’re much more fashionable now than the one your aunt has in her basement), or get a bit more futuristic with fold up appliances.


Where to buy locally

The Dream Merchant is an impeccably curated furniture store with plenty of selection to boot. They offer creative ways to save space such as wall beds that double as desks and sofa sleepers that are stylish as they are comfortable.

Interior Design Trend 3: Incorporating Elements of Nature

While industrial chic might still be around in 2020, it appears people will be leaning toward incorporating more nature into their homes. One way elements of nature will be incorporated into the home design is by using it to divide rooms. While open floor plans have been a hit in the past, they’re showing a decline in 2020 leaving the opportunity for things like room dividers made from natural materials.

Bathrooms are an ideal place for organic elements and prove to serve more use than just looks. For example, replacing your typical enamel bath with volcanic limestone not only makes a bath more relaxing thanks to the warm surface but can cut your use of hot water.


Where to buy locally:

Lulu’s Furniture and Decor is a mother and daughter owned furniture store that also boasts extensive art collections and top-notch interior design services. Browse their selection of goods ranging in all kinds of materials, nature-inspired or otherwise, or tell them what you’re envisioning and let them take it from there.

Voilá! With a splash of neo mint paint, a couple of space-saving items, and some natural elements you have the perfect recipe for a home that feels like new. 2020 won’t know what hit it. 


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