3 Creative Ways for REALTORS® to Give Back to the Community

Dated: October 11 2019

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Chances are, you got into real estate for more than just the money. Maybe it’s the joy of seeing a family start a new chapter or the new people you meet every week. Or maybe it’s helping people who thought a home purchase wasn’t possible to achieve their dreams of owning a home. No matter what it is, chances are you’re driven by a mission.

 In order to stand out as a realtor, it’s important that you let that mission shine through and inspire others. That means “walking the walk” and getting involved in your community. Not only will giving back to your community provide you with inspiration to keep going, but it tells potential clients that you’re motivated by more than just taking their money.  You’ll create a public persona that sets you apart from the crowd and sheds the stereotypes people may have about the real estate industry, all while reminding yourself why you do what you do. What a confidence builder!

 Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Try out 1 or all of these 3 creative ways for you to give back to your community.

Host a Door-to-Door Donation Drive

Like it or not, door knocking is a marketing method that may be here to stay. It’s a great way to connect personally with people and show off your knowledge by answering any questions they have on the spot.  No one really likes to be solicited, though, so add a charitable twist to your door knocking by doing a door-to-door donation drive. Choose something that inspires you so you can speak from the heart.

 Have a passion for helping the homeless? Do a food or clothing drive. Love kids? Aim for school supplies.

Let residents know that you’re a realtor in their area, why you chose the mission you did, and what you’re collecting. If they don’t have it ready yet, offer to come back! This will create a longer-lasting relationship with them. Prepare thank you cards with your information to give to those who donated. Bonus points for including a special treat like home-baked cookies. Next time they’re looking for a realtor, who else would they choose but that kind, knowledgeable, hard-working neighbor of theirs who has a passion for community building?


Start a Walk-A-Thon/Marathon

Walk-a-thons and marathons have countless perks. Not only does it promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but it brings together people who may not have met in the first place all aiming for a common goal. Organizing a walk-a-thon may sound consuming, but the right team and mission makes it well worth it. It can help you curate a community who thinks like you do, therefore is more likely to trust you for their business. It’s also a great way to increase brand visibility by placing your logo strategically.


Partnering with other organizations helps expand your network even more, and communicate to others what’s important to you. It also creates a ground for future partnerships or cross-promotions.  You can organize a successful walk-a-thon by following a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a cause. Make sure it’s something that hits home for you, as it gives you a chance to share your story and vulnerability builds trust. Let the organization or charity know that you’d like to plan an event for them. Make sure it doesn’t fall on the same date as similar fundraisers for them so they can help you promote yours.
  2. Gather a team. Once you have an idea of the help you’ll need, find friends, family members, and coworkers who also believe in your cause. Reach out to other organizations that may want to join in or sponsor.
  3. Choose an area. Choose a 1-5 mile radius to host your walk- a-thon. Make sure it’s accessible to the people you’d like to attract and check to see if you’ll need any permits to use the area. End the walk at a place where everyone can celebrate and network.
  4. Name it. If it’s in honor of a loved one, name it after them. Or you can find clever ways to incorporate your company name...for us, it could be something like: Steps for Pets.
  5. Create registration forms and liability waivers. Add them to your website with your walkathon announcement.
  6. Promote it. Create a Facebook event page with your real estate profile and add any sponsors or participating organizations to co-host. Make sure the event has an attractive event image with your logo tastefully overlayed. Boost the event targeting people in the area of your walk. You can also hand out flyers to clients and residents of the area. Bonus points for creating a press release and sending it to local media.

Volunteer to Build Homes

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds homes with no-profit mortgages for low-income families. Volunteers help build the homes side-by-side with the donor family. It creates a level of empathy you’re bound to remember and act upon for years to come. By volunteering to help build these homes, not only will you get to know the people you’re helping and form unique bonds, but you’ll impress clients and coworkers with your extensive knowledge of a house as you learn to build one from the ground up.

 Looking for something a little more Denver-specific? You may have heard of or driven by some of the Tiny Homes popping up around the city. These homes were created by the Colorado Village Collaborative as a response to the criminalization of homelessness (public camping ban) and rising numbers of homeless people during the population boom. Research shows that a majority of homeless who are given basic needs such as a home, food, and connections to public services are able to get back on their feet and stay off the streets.

 That’s proven to be true for Denver’s pilot run of Tiny Homes as well. Of the 12 originally housed, 10 have been able to stay housed, 3 of them were able to move into housing outside the village, and all of them became employed or enrolled in school. More villages are expected to be built. Check-in and see when they may need volunteers. It’s the season for giving, and why not slip some marketing in while you’re at it! Try these handy methods of giving back to the community that lifts you up and go to sleep knowing you’re making a difference.


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