The Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful REALTOR®

Dated: October 11 2019

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So you’ve been considering a career change, and your buddy down the street just got his first real estate commission check. The smile on his face makes the industry look rather tempting, but you’re just not sure real estate is for you otherwise. In fact, you don’t know enough about it to decide yet. Real estate can be a fulfilling career with endless possibilities for some, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you possess all or most of these traits, it may be worth diving into!

Self-Motivated. One of the perks of being a  real estate agent is you get to be your own boss. Yes, this creates a sense of freedom in many ways...your pay, clientele, and workload are all determined by you. Along with this freedom comes some new kinds of pressure. There’s no more clocking in and out, and if you wish to be a successful realtor there will be many late nights answering email and working on your branding and long days of door-knocking and cold calls. It’s important to be able to be your own biggest motivator through this process. Think of it as training for the big marathon that is the career of your dreams.

Empathetic. When Hollywood portrays realtors or businesspeople in general, empathy isn’t the first quality displayed. It’s highly underrated, however, as some of the most successful marketing campaigns are those that tap into the emotions of the audience. Buying and selling a home is far more than just a business transaction. For most, it’s an emotional transition that can be scary and stressful at times. Being empathetic helps build trust with your clients that not only has them relying on you for future transactions, but will whole-heartedly recommend you to their own family and friends.  

Bold. Rejection can be scary, and even if you’re a real estate prodigy, chances are you will face plenty of it. Real estate is a highly competitive industry with different stigmas attached to it. In order to overcome this, you have to be bold enough not only to keep putting yourself out there but to take new risks every day. You need to be prepared to step out of your box, and even if you’re scared to death, look confident doing so.

Optimistic. When dealing with the stress of buying or selling a home, the last thing your client will need is someone who will toss up their hands at the slightest challenges or gossip about others involved in the process. You’re not only there to help people buy or sell, but you’re there to make it as easy of a process as possible. Know that typically a pleasant experience for you is also one for your clients.

Creative. We’ve all seen the park benches or newspaper ads for real estate agents, but did anyone’s name or face stick out to you? Think about the companies that do stand out to you and how differently they market than others in their industry. In real estate, you can get by with the standard “copy/paste” business method, but you won’t rise above. Use all your creative juices to make your brand stand out.

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The Top 5 Personality Traits of a Successful Realtor

So you’ve been considering a career change, and your buddy down the street just got his first real estate commission check. The smile on his face makes the industry look rather tempting, but

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